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    发布时间:2020-12-17 16:05

    You know银蕨棋牌400字日记, this diary is water。

    It's boring.

    We start school on May 11th.

    This morning I:

    Get up as always.

    Change into your school uniform as always.

    As always, carry the bag on your back.

    Get out of the house as always

    As always, walk to the school gate.

    As always, enter the classroom

    Take your temperature as usual.

    As always, harass my honey

    As always, harass my deskmate.

    As always, in math class

    Talk in math class as always.

    As always, the drag

    As always, after class.

    As always, x

    As always, i have chinese lessons. …… (Every detail of today's class is omitted below),

    As always, after school

    Practice the piano as always.

    As always, practice the word

    Draw as always.

    As always, do your homework.

    As always……

    My day is over as usual.



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